About Us

About Us

Established in 1975, Apache Enterprises specializes in the design, fabrication, testing and distribution of complex replacement and retrofit components for military and commercial aircraft.  The company offers an extensive line of products including airframe parts, night vision imaging (NVIS) lighting systems and avionics integration kits.

  • Registered ISO-9001, AS 9100 Quality System
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-2000 / J-STD-001
  • Modern 25,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility
  • Certified SBA Small Business
  • DUNS: 073164733
  • CAGE: 62810

Prior to 1990, Apache was known for first-class replacement parts used in helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.  Since then, Apache has evolved into an industry leader in the design and manufacture of aircraft lighting systems utilizing the latest in NVIS technology.  Today, the company maintains the NVIS lighting industry’s most aggressive research and development program.  As a result, it has conducted night vision lighting modifications to more aircraft than any other company.

A full-service contractor, Apache is capable of handling all aspects of a project: statement of work preparation, system requirements documentation, system and component design, hardware fabrication, system installation, technical data generation, ground acceptance testing and maintenance/pilot training.  Apache is organized into two operational units. The Lighting Unit is engaged in design, fabrication, installation and testing of component-level and system-level NVIS lighting hardware.  The Fabrication Unit supplies the Lighting Unit with various manufactured components.  Additionally, the Fabrication Unit provides a wide variety of other manufactured items for the US Government and selected third parties.

Proudly Made in Fort Worth
ISO9001 Certified