Success Stories

CH-46 Com/Nav (CNCS) Upgrade

This demanding program demonstrated the full range of Apache’s manufacturing capabilities.  Apache manufactured over 100 kits involving 62 part numbers in each kit. Apache was required to manufacture the components required to replace both the pilot’s and copilot’s panel structures.  In addition to the new instrument panels, Apache supplied various brackets, shelves, plates, covers, tubes,…

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UH-1N Global Position System (GPS)

Apache was awarded a contract to manufacture 140 GPS installation kits for US Navy UH-1N’s.  Each kit consisted of 86 part numbers.  This was a multi-year, multi-million dollar program. The manufacturing requirements for this program were very diverse.  Apache was required to manufacture five complex electrical control boxes.  The cockpit installation of the system required…

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Sea King NVIS Modification

This program involved the NVIS modification of 130 kits for Sea King MK3, MK3A, and MK4 helicopters.  Each of the 312 parts in the kits was proprietary to Apache. Apache successfully completed the Sea King program under extremely difficult circumstances.  Apache originally quoted a lead-time of 30 weeks for the completion of the project.  Under…

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A-10 NVIS Modification Program

This program was the production phase of a project to perform the 100% NVIS modification of the interior and exterior lights for the A-10.  The equipment supplied by Apache in support of this program was fabricated to proprietary Apache designs developed during the design phase of the program.  Due to the technical superiority of the…

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CH-53 NVIS Modification

This contract was awarded to Apache through a Special Operations Forces prime contract with Raytheon.  The program required the NVIS modification of 100% of the lighting devices found on both the CH-53D and CH-53E.  Apache was required to manufacture the required parts from drawings generated by NADEP.  Apache delivered over 250 kits consisting of 236…

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U.S. Navy C-130 NVL Program

Apache designed and manufactured the NVIS hardware required to modify Navy C-130’s.  This multi-year, multi-million dollar program required the design of over 200 parts.  The system employs new NVIS technology never before applied to the C-130 platform.  The Navy testing organization issued the results of their Development Test and Evaluation of the prototype aircraft.  The…

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U.S. Air Force C-130 Avionics Modernization Program

Apache is now under contract to Boeing Aircraft to provide the interior NVIS lighting hardware for the C-130 AMP program. One of the major factors in the choice is our extensive Contractor Off the Shelf (COTS) status of hardware utilized by C-130 aircraft with many different mission configurations. Another factor is the fact that Apache…

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Other Significant Programs

Apache has supported other programs that demonstrated a wide variety of Apache capabilities. These projects include the following:

  • CH-46 ARC-210 Modification Kit
  • CH-46 NVL Modification Kit
  • OH-58 Rapid Deployment Kit
  • CH-47 Fries Modification Kit
  • C-130 TCAS Modification Kit
  • C-130 ARC-210 Modification Kit
  • C-130 LOX Modification Kit
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