One of the industry’s most active suppliers of integrated NVIS lighting systems, Apache has provided complete NVIS modification systems for 27 aircraft types and models and has manufactured over 500,000 NVIS lighting devices involving hundreds of related part numbers. With an aggressive R&D program, Apache’s engineering team is able to arrive at innovative, solutions-focused designs.

The company has and continues to supply NVIS lighting hardware for the world’s largest NVIS modification program. In terms of the volume of parts supplied, three Apache contracts rank in the top five of the largest NVIS modification efforts ever completed. Apache was selected by Boeing Corporation as the sole supplier of NVIS lighting units for the U.S. Air Force C-130 Aircraft Modernization Program (AMP) which involves the modification of up to 500 aircraft.

Successful support of NVIS programs requires a diverse range of skill sets.  Apache’s engineers are well-versed in the physics of lighting as well as the aero medical issues relating to human factors in lighting.  This broad knowledge of avionics and NVIS systems must be tailored to the specific mission profiles of a wide range of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.  Apache engineers are trained in both electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines to satisfy NVIS system requirements.   The company maintains a Configuration Management System and follows all military drawing practices.  Apache has support programs which utilize extensive data packages in Department of Defense format.  The company utilizes AUTOCAD 2012 software

Apache’s NVIS product line has a history of successful use in a variety of aircraft.  Off-the-shelf solutions are available from the company to support NVIS modification of most aircraft platforms.  Apache has considerable experience in adapting NVIS lighting systems to meet specific operational profiles for the following aircraft:

  • A-10
  • F-15A,B,C,D&E
  • C-130
  • C-141
  • Sea King MK4
  • CN-235
  • Bell 412
  • CH-46
  • A-37
  • CH-53D
  • CH-53E
  • Bell 212
  • F-l6
  • MI-8
  • Tucano
  • HH-63
  • UH-1
  • MH-60J
  • Sea King MK3
  • Sea King MK3A
  • F-4
  • OV-10
  • CF-18
  • KOX

The company’s NVIS components are enhanced versions of conventional aerospace lighting designs.  These components for either NVIS or non-NVIS configurations include, but are not limited to, indicators, annunciators, floodlights, utility lights, post lights, bezel lights, bridge lights, eyebrow lights, edge-lit panels, dome lights, position lights, formation lights, and anti-collision lights.

Most NVIS modifications involve the disabling of internal lighting circuitry and the supplemental installation of externally mounted NVIS lighting devices.  Apache is the only company in the world to accomplish fleet-wide modifications utilizing integral modification techniques.  Devices internally modified by Apache include Attitude Indicators, Horizontal Situation Indicators, Vertical Velocity Indicators, Air Speed Indicators, Fuel Quantity Indicators, Remote Frequency Indicators, Navigation Equipment, Communication Equipment and Altimeters.  In-house, the company has modified over 3,000 devices.  Inherent in these modifications is the application of expertise in handling most types of avionics.  Apache has also been approved by NAVICP for the repair and maintenance of Collins ADJ-45’s and HSI-55’s.

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