CH-46 Com/Nav (CNCS) Upgrade

CH-46 Com/Nav (CNCS) Upgrade

This demanding program demonstrated the full range of Apache’s manufacturing capabilities.  Apache manufactured over 100 kits involving 62 part numbers in each kit.

Apache was required to manufacture the components required to replace both the pilot’s and copilot’s panel structures.  In addition to the new instrument panels, Apache supplied various brackets, shelves, plates, covers, tubes, panels, etc.  Complex honeycomb structures were supplied by Apache.  The system also included two major electrical assemblies, the Audio Control and Auxiliary Control units.

The CNCS project required the application of Apache’s design expertise.  The drawings for several of the parts, including the two control units, were incorrect or incomplete.  Moreover, the technical data package for the control units included no Acceptance Test Procedures.  Apache was required to develop the corrections to all drawings and develop comprehensive ATP’s for the Audio and Auxiliary Control boxes.

At the customer’s request, Apache was also able to develop a program plan that was successful in the accomplishment of a three-month acceleration of program schedules.

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